Custom Hand Forged Damascus Steel 8" Hunting Knife - Pakka Wood

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This elegant hand crafted and custom made 8" hunting knife is made with high quality Damascus steel which has gone through extreme fire forging (1095 and 15N20) with high grades of carbon steel layers (512) to achieve the unique blade with dynamic edge. The hardness of the Carbon steel is 55-60 HRC on Rockwell scale.

Dimensions & Specifications 

Overall Length of knife = 8 inches 

Blade Length  = 4 inches

Handle Length = 4 inches

Steel Pattern = 15N20 & High Carbon Steel 1095.

Blade Pattern = Twist

Hardness of Blade = ~55 - 60

Handle Material =  Attractive Pakka Wood with Finest Steel Bolster & Mosaic Pin

Leather Sheath = Brown